Saturday, September 6, 2008

Next Challenge: Boss and henchman

For a long time now, We talked about doing a series of Villain characters. Something to compile into an anthology and to hand-out at a future Comic-con. We're thinking of doing some sort of case file concept, something that a generic super-hero, like say, a Bat-man, would have at his disposal. For a couple of years this idea has sat on shelf, both of us being too busy to get it going. But that's all going to change, because for the next few months all Artgasm challenges will be geared towards Villains.

First Challenge:
In honor of Labor Day --- Boss and Assistant.
Come up with 2 characters, a Boss and an Assistant. It's up to you what exactly that means. It could be evil business man and top henchman. Or it could be something completely out there. But... They need to look as part of the same visual world, so they need to have some sort of familiar relationship to each other. I'd also say that you'll need to show what their relationship is like. Is the Boss mean to the assistant? Does the Assistant secretly want to overtake operations? That sorta thing.

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