Friday, August 14, 2009

More Sinister...

Update: 8.14.09 -- Getting Younger

Okay. The one from last night was really too 'normal'. Decided on something a bit more sinister, but still fun.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sneak Peak

Started working on progression. Here's a little sneak peak. I'm going to do Dracula done in a slightly humorous way. Went for the oldest step first, just because it was the easiest to nail down. This probably won't really be any where near the final design, I just need to test things out.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Challenge (#15, I think)

Wow. We started this blog a year ago, and in that time we did about 14 challenges, plus a book and some promo projects. Not bad. (I think we both improved a lot, so High Five!) But I'm also greedy to get even better, and we need to do more this year. We all get super busy, and get real jobs from time to time and that all comes first, of course, but I really want to see some major progress (for next years Con, the Werewhale comic, and Volume #2). I have a whole lot of ideas for Challenges, some easy and fun, and some that could end up being very hard.

NEW CHALLENGE: (It was Chris' turn, but he can get the next 2 if he wants)
Life of a Character -
Create a character and draw 8-10 different ages in his/her life. You'll want to line them up next to each other, standing on the same level ground (like a police lin-up), so that we can see the changes from one age to the next.

Think about height, clothing, hairstyles, expression, pose, wrinkles, etc.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Forget about it! Maroni's got your back.

still workin on it. especially the wings, but it's at a place i'm willing to show. more cartoony approach but i didn't see him any other way.

And he sent his faithful servant...

The Angel Maroni.

Not really finished, but close enough for now. I was going to go with number 5 but it was a bit too much like yours.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Next Challenge: the fat one chimes in

For those who don't know and want to participate, the angel Maroni is Italian, awesome, and someone who gets the job done, but don't piss him off.

A New Year

Comic-con has sort of become my new years. Each year I come back with a resolution and a bunch of goals. I receieved a lot of feedback from my (and our) portfolio book this year and I need to get going on building some new work.

Some of the things I need to work on this year.
1. Volume. Use a lot less black and use more tertiary/complimentary colors. Instead of using jabby paint marks, as if I were drawing, use shapes of color.
2. More Energy. I'm loosing the energy of my sketches and line work when I transfer to paint.
3. More concepts. Show thinking process.
4. More Range. Different headshots, hairstyles, expressions; Environments, props, weapons.
5. More reference.
6. Try out photo-manipluation - painting.

Post-con Challenge:
The Angel Maroni.

I want 5/6 silhouettes (with some indication of inside shapes using white/gray lines)
Take the most interesting one, and paint a final.