Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sain Nekvos - The Viking God of the Winter Wind

Sain Nekvos was a brutal Viking God, who would come to the aid of believers while in the midst of battle. According to legend, he would give blessings and gifts to those he deemed worthy. To enemies he brought forth the cruel winter wind, which he ruled over. He rode atop Ruedov, the mythical giant reindere beast, whose footsteps would leave a coal-like black stain upon the white snow. Believers would give thanks to him (and friends as well) on the Darkest day in the land, the Winter Solstice.

Over the centuries, his legend changed. Most dramatically came after one particular battle, where he failed to come to the aid of true believers. Soon, tribes far and wide assumed his power had weakened. His myth transformed into children's tales of forgotten times. During Pagan years and eventually after the Romans conquered the land, parents began telling their children of a wise old man, named Saint Nicholas, who would give gifts of gold or food to good children on Dec. 25th.

And that is the true legend of Santa Claus.

--- Here's my sketch. Going to start drawing tonight. Way fun!

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Chris Gugliotti said...

OH MY GOD!!!! Ask jon about our huge viking Claus rant we did. he's become our imaginary god!!