Sunday, March 15, 2009

A whale of a tale to tell

nothing says gritty like a smoking parrot

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Jason Snair said...

Nice. I like the skull badge on the parrot. he's got just that right amount of craaazzzayyy old man.

here's what I'm thinking. we each do 4 pages. we brake up the story into past/present segments.

Part 1: Present. We open on this port-town pub, where the captain is sitting at the bar/booth telling an old tale. Around him are various sea merchants. Chinese pirates, lots of weird guys, all shapes n sizes. No one ever believes any of his stories. Then decides to tell the story of his first time out at sea.

Story goes back to when he was young, the story goes into how he meets the Werewhale the first time. Almost doesn't survive. We can fill in how this all goes down, but only covers 3 1/2 pages.

Part 2: Back to the bar. Present.
Either tells the patrons when he met the WWhale for the second time, perhaps just before walking into the bar. Or as he's telling part 1, the WereWhale breaks in a chaos ensues.

We each do a part. Which ever one you feel like doing.