Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back from the Dead!

So, I've been in a little funk lately.  Haven't drawn much.  Basically work, tv, eh, more-work. blah.  I took a figure drawing class for the past few weeks and, as I was hoping, jumped-started my creativity a bit.

Here's my take on The Doppleganger:
The Hero is a telekinetic human, who's very much in charge of his abilities.  I always figured, though, that if telekinesis really existed it would probably leave the person with some sort of mental handicap.  Like, the brain just can't handle all that information.   In a way, I'm thinking autism, where all the information is stored, but processing is difficult.   Here, my villain has the telekinetic gifts, but he has almost no real control of them.  He lashes out in fits of rage over his circumstances, and is quite powerful.    This is just a real quick sketch.  Just wanted to get some attitude on paper.   I'll have to fix the body and hands some, maybe add in some levitating object, like a car, in the background.   It also sort of looks like Punk-rock Snair...which I wasn't really aiming for.

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Chris Gugliotti said...

Nice figure, but yeah give some example of the power otherwise it's punk rock snair.