Monday, October 13, 2008

doppleganger first strike: The Anti-Patriot

Somewhere there's a hero called The Patriot and this is his darkside. I'll Probably get to actually drawing him, but I like to leave the guessing to people as to what he may look like based on The Anti-Patriot here.


Jason Snair said...

It's a cool idea.

Just a thought, though. If the good guy is The Patriot, i'd almost like to see his doppleganger be, like, The Communist -- er something to that effect. I dunno. (Shrugs) It's just you have these stars on his costume, and I immediately thought, hmm.

I'm going to start mine this weekend.

Chris Gugliotti said...

well then that would be polar opposite and a different class of baddie all together. The idea for this is that this guy has taken everything people hold dear about the hero and has twisted it.

Jason Snair said...

Nice New logo. I approve!

Okay. Now to get my silly lazy ass in gear and complete a friggin challenge already.