Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bad-guy redo I started to really "look" at that sketch from the other night and I realized there was a bunch of things wrong with it.  So I mirrored and suddenly saw what was really bugging me.  He was supposed to be, sorta, robust, and he ended up way too thin.  I then redrew his boots so that they would realistically carry the heavier frame.  And I got rid of the stupid pants. (I was originally going for those deck pants that sailors sometimes wear - the rubber ones. I dunno.  They drew them lame, so see ya later!) I also wanted him to look at the viewer, have a bit more attitude and he needed a weapon - a real one.

So here's my update;  I'll try me best to finish this one up over the long weekend.  Still need to work on his submarine.

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