Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cue the James Bond theme music....

AKA:  How not to be a lazy bum*

I've been watching Bond movies all week on AMC and it got me thinking of a new villain to create for the next challenge.  I've also been in need of drawing props and industrial designs to flesh out my portfolio, so I thought we could combine both of those into one new villain. 

So here goes:  Create a Bond-like Villain, who creates machines, or technological marvels, to do his biding.  Should be normal evil pose, but design whatever machines or devices said villain uses, from at least 2 angles (ex: back and front).  Think Big.  Think Bond-like.  Think Evil guy creating Huge-Take-Over-The-World-Machines.

* (lazy bum is now back in gear and is working on past projects to complete...but just wanted to throw out the next challenge)

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