Sunday, February 15, 2009

Society of Villains

Just screwing around on a Sunday morn.   Thinking about how to design all of our artwork into a book for Con.  I think the basic idea is to try and do a case file look, with descriptions, artwork, fake mug-shots, etc.  Something that a hero like Batman would build. 

But last night I started thinking of some even grander, while still incorporating that basic idea.  I'm thinking of doing a travel-the-world case file.  As if Chris and I traveled the world searching for evil-doers and as we went we put everything into this journal. I'm going to include travel photos (say, for instance, of Italy...hmmm), mock photos of us in famous settings, myths and legends concerning the characters we find...etc.

 Sooo, here's the cover.   I'm going to start mocking up the inside. Just a couple of pages to express the idea I'm thinking about.   But all in all, just screwing around.  By no means is this supposed to be final or anything.  I'm just not busy at the moment with any assignments and I need to play.


Chris Gugliotti said...

nice cover. and i've pissed myself over the photos. :) :)

Jason Snair said...

glad you like. I've got loads of 'em too. i'm not planning on having the photos on every page...don't want them to end up being a distraction. Just different element to each page. If you have any ideas, shoot 'em off.