Thursday, February 12, 2009

Space Pirates: The Kid

Getting closer.  Finalized the face, the shirt.  Still need to do the legs and arms.  Chris, I tried to paint some glasses on him, but it just nerded him up too much.  He didn't look like a villain.


Chris Gugliotti said...

Understandable. nice face. i want to steal your digital paint skills and craft them to my brain. His crotch is frightening.

Jason Snair said...

Yeah, I haven't really decided how I want to handle the metal parts just yet. I was originally thinking going all chromey, but's it's a dark space, so it may not really work.

Dude. You coloring is getting way better. I mean, it was always good...but your strong suit was line quality. Doing all those pages is paying off. Are you looking at any colorists/painters right now as influences?