Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A New Year

Comic-con has sort of become my new years. Each year I come back with a resolution and a bunch of goals. I receieved a lot of feedback from my (and our) portfolio book this year and I need to get going on building some new work.

Some of the things I need to work on this year.
1. Volume. Use a lot less black and use more tertiary/complimentary colors. Instead of using jabby paint marks, as if I were drawing, use shapes of color.
2. More Energy. I'm loosing the energy of my sketches and line work when I transfer to paint.
3. More concepts. Show thinking process.
4. More Range. Different headshots, hairstyles, expressions; Environments, props, weapons.
5. More reference.
6. Try out photo-manipluation - painting.

Post-con Challenge:
The Angel Maroni.

I want 5/6 silhouettes (with some indication of inside shapes using white/gray lines)
Take the most interesting one, and paint a final.

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