Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Challenge (#15, I think)

Wow. We started this blog a year ago, and in that time we did about 14 challenges, plus a book and some promo projects. Not bad. (I think we both improved a lot, so High Five!) But I'm also greedy to get even better, and we need to do more this year. We all get super busy, and get real jobs from time to time and that all comes first, of course, but I really want to see some major progress (for next years Con, the Werewhale comic, and Volume #2). I have a whole lot of ideas for Challenges, some easy and fun, and some that could end up being very hard.

NEW CHALLENGE: (It was Chris' turn, but he can get the next 2 if he wants)
Life of a Character -
Create a character and draw 8-10 different ages in his/her life. You'll want to line them up next to each other, standing on the same level ground (like a police lin-up), so that we can see the changes from one age to the next.

Think about height, clothing, hairstyles, expression, pose, wrinkles, etc.

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